søndag 29. mai 2011

Hardcore pun stars

Reality TV is a horrible thing in principle. It's also the biggest, most popular, strangest thing on television at the moment.
The budget for a reality show is basically the same as Blair Witch project. Instead of launching something if they think it's possible to make money off it, they now launch everything, and make another season if they earn enough off of it! Every TV executive loves reality, because it's close to impossible to lose any money on it at all.
Men Who Stare at Paint. Four seasons and running

It's also expanding really really fast, so what they started doing is they find some manly job, and then film people doing it. We have some lumberjack shit, at least TWO shows about pawn shops (Both with the same pun...), several cop things (Coming up: Papercop, the paperwork that puts the criminals: Behind bars. Another show, coming up after this one), and of course the tons of "romance" shows.
There's a plethora of "reality" on TV, and that's a bad thing in every way.
Yes. This actually exists
Flavor Flave fell in love with Brigitte Nielsen on The Surreal Life. They got a show together called Strange Love, after that he got a show called Flavor of Love, which went on for three seasons. One of the contestants got a show called I love New York (She's New York somehow) and another contestant got a show called I Love Money, this time it's about money and not love though.

If you're still on the fence regarding reality TV, thinking humanity can be saved, just follow this little link and let the words rip your soul out.

If you still haven't figured out how reality TV works, here's a visual aid.

The Bachelor
Now if you'll excuse me I'll go watch the rest of Water Cops Taking 30 Second Showers now.

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