torsdag 26. mai 2011

League of Legends

If you haven't heard of it: It's a pretty popular real time strategy role playing action game. All these names for it are really necessary to properly explain how it works. 

Basically. You're in a team of 5 or 3, depending on what map you chose to fight on. You control one of the people, called champions, and your goal is to murder everyone and destroy their base. You do this by killing minor creatures who span indefinitely, minions, and growing in power. Every one in a while a team fight will break out, and you have to fit the specific role of the champion you chose. Some of you might already be familiar with the roles described, but some will not understand a single thing.

There's tank. Something many know, or can guess, what means. It's a guy who's main purpose is to initiate team fights and keep everyone else safe whilst taking the enemies brunt force. 
This ninja is for some reason a tank, and a very good one too.
There's support. Still maybe familiar, and rather obvious. The supports purpose is to improve your allies, hinder the enemy, and keep your team mates even safer. A team should preferably have both a tank and a support.
This stylin'  watchman right here is a good support. He can actually make you survive death
Jungler. This needs some explaining. There are three lanes on the map where jungling is viable. Often there will be 2 players from each team top, 1 in the middle, and 2 more at the bottom. The jungler does not stay in lane, but kills creatures out in the woods instead. This gives you 2 lanes where the players get more experience, more gold, and might get hit more by the other players. The jungler should at most times have both buffs from the jungle. One that replenishes your mana incredibly fast, and one that applies a slow when you hit someone, and does damage. The jungler also gets the task of jumping in on lanes to help kill the other guys, and some times take over a lane if your friend has to go back to replenish health, mana, or buy items. 
This handsome fellow is an excellent jungler, but underplayed. This troll needs some love.

Carry. This is a very popular choice. The carries job is to murder everyone, get as rich as possible, and not die. The carry is the one everyone helps kill anything that moves and destroy their base.
This steampunk beauty is a carry, and has the longest attack range in the game. And she looks really good too.

That's mostly the basics. If you want some more info just let me know. I've studied this game a lot, so I know a bunch of theoretical stuff.

The entire thing is absolutely free, and lives off micro transaction. Meaning that if you want a new champion, a new skin (purely look, nothing more), or some buffs that means you'll get stuff faster you can pay with money. It's not a lot, and it's completely up to you. Riot (The company behind this game, and the guys behind DOTA allstar) has a pretty strict "no power for cash" policy. Which means that the things you can get that actually gives you in game power is not for sale for cash at all! You'll have to earn it by playing games. 

If this sounds like something you'd like to try you can register using this link

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  1. LoL, Hell yeah!
    Add me ingame ;) OshiroTG

    What's your favorite char?

  2. That's a good game. I started playing it once, but I'm trying to stop with the games!

  3. My all time favourite that I'm actually good with is Gragas, as a tank. Other than that I'm really loving Udyr and Vladimir