mandag 6. juni 2011


Summer is finally arriving in the popsicle nation. Not because we're famous for popsicles, but because our country looks like one and feels like one far too many months in the year. It also looks like a mitten and a guitar post concert smash.
We also keep Sweden/Finland from looking like a dick
Running in the rain will now be less like a thousand frozen shards stabbing you in unity, and more like a slightly warm, liquid massage. Shoes are optional, children are bruised, windows are open through the night, bees punish your lack of shoes, children get sick of it and play COD instead, you fall in love with your old reflective sunglasses and loads of delicious body parts are exposed.
Not in a creepy way, I swear!
When you go both ways it's twice as good!
Summer really is my favourite time of the year, and I have seasonal affected depression too, so summer and spring are the only months I'm close to mentally stable.

Yes, you read the caption correctly, I am bisexual. So while you sad sacks are stuck trying to look past all the other guys trying to look at the hot chicks, I'll just let my gaze linger on whatever looks good.
I'm a bit sick of ladies and lady parts at the moment, so hopefully I'll find some beautiful men to keep me company. Maybe I'll even find love and my first boyfriend.
Honey, it's ALL good

Wish me luck readers, however small your numbers may be.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Ugh I'm starting to really hate summer.

    Not that i'll be spending my time doing any of that... I have a crappy job at a crappy summer camp

  2. I am flying off on a lads holiday in july straight after exams! should be a laugh, summer is easily the best part of the year :P and good luck finding someone this summer

  3. Goodluck finding some1 :) Love the blog btw :D

  4. Summer's decent in Canada. Not so much the winter. /sigh

  5. Fuck, Northern Europe has some of the hottest women...