lørdag 28. mai 2011

Post party chill

What was supposed to be a movie with some drinks turned into two movies and a lot of drinks. Which is actually awesome.
Two people taking the last bus home became two people eating burger and saying, food in mouth, "screw it! I'm staying here tonight!". Which was actually my secret plan all along. My culinary treats, tons of beds, funny dumb cats, encouraging words to drink, and the scary movie keeps guests in my California hotel.

Now there are two things that makes drinking a really attractive concept to me.
I get to turn off most bad parts of my brain, so most of what's left is just creativity, a love of people (I mostly hate people in general), and the ability to just purely enjoy more things.
The other thing is that I just calm down completely and don't have to... anything!
There's nothing in the bottom of a glass for me but mental freedom

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