torsdag 9. juni 2011

Exploring the stubble

I was shaving earlier today, when I engineered an ingenious plan for a blog project that would span over a month.
The thing is: I'm twenty years old, and have about five black hairs on my chin, which is probably average and rather displeasing. The problem isn't really facial hair growth, as my fuzz is strong enough to make a woman itch, but rather colour. It is all oh so very light and non-manly. So, bravely sacrificing my beautiful face, I want to let my chin warmer grow free. With any luck it will take flight and I will become a dashing Robin Hood waving my chestnut whiskers in the wind.
If princess Loretta can have a beard I should have no problem.
Being a considerate and strikingly handsome guy I decided it would be nice to put this to a vote and let the people who don't care about, or even know, me dictate my face. There should be a poll around here somewhere. If you can find it and possess the skills to operate a computer mouse I want YOU to vote. Shall the razor rest for a month? The results will be posted and I will obey your wish on the 15th of June.
He's angry because you haven't voted yet.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I would say let it grow out, you never know how might look with a full grown beard. Might look good!

  2. I HATE facial hair, stay clean cut d00d!