fredag 17. juni 2011

AMC Zombies invade

This my dears, is what the entire internet has been begging for. The pilot is 60 minutes long and the episodes are 44 minutes long. Every single one I have seen so far has been beautiful enough to develop a zombie fetish.
You didn't think that was a joke did you?
This gif btw is from another good show called Bob's Burgers. I'll leave some scrolling room now because that gif is making you dizzy.

Feel better yet?
It's another show on AMC that shows really good quality from a surprising place, but The Walking Dead has a little more background music than Mad Men, and the volume is more standardized, so they might not win as many awards. (Oscar recipe coming in a later post).
The Walking Dead is yet another zombie thing that refuses to call them zombies, but who cares really? There are some spaghetti sounds that leaves you thinking sound editors know nothing of human anatomy, but it's not as prominent as in most horror movies.
To top everything off they, from time to time, use music from, or inspired by, the greatest composer I have ever heard: John Murphy.
I don't want to give anything away, but it's a good show, and you should watch it. And if you have kids they should watch with you. Anything to prepare them for what we all know is coming.
No Mr. Stark, not winter. I'm talking about zombies!
Game of Thrones is also excellent television.

I'm a well of fantastic entertainment, why am I not being used to my full potential?

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