torsdag 2. juni 2011


I don't think I have ever been addicted to nicotine despite being a smoker for almost two years, loving the cigarette very very much, and fluctuating my intake of nicotine extremely (From 3 to 20 in a day).
The first time I quit, out of money, I was so scared of the horrible cravings, the mood swings, the general discomfort of not having anything to still this need everyone said would overcome me.
But just like people about to die, I went through some stages of grief and accepted whatever would happen.
1. I just need to move some money around
2. If only I didn't give those idiots anything!
3. Maybe I can borrow some, or steal, beg?
4. Ugh, this is going to be hell. I suck
5. This is going to happen, so I'll take it like a man.

Nothing happened.
Sure I ate gum most of the day, like I often do when I have gum. Sure I ate more, because I was bored though, and you better know I could smell a smoker and pick out their brand from a block away. but it went fine. No real trouble at all.
Then there were some parties, and I'm not one to throw away or save party smokes, so I smoke them too. Then came three weeks of parties, so I smoked that entire time, because this is a once in a lifetime party progress, and I wanted full enjoyment. Now I'm done with my exams so I don't need something to calm me down on command, and I'm out of money again, so no smokes.
Nicotine isn't addictive after all. Finally I can smoke all I want without worrying about getting hooked.

For two days I even forgot I ever smoked! Two days is the time it takes the nicotine stuff to leave your body, so I just plain spaced the entire withdrawal period.

I'm not trying to say cigarettes are magnificent life enhancers that are basically harmless fun, though the controversy might give me more views...

I can quit without much trouble, many others can do the same, I loved the smell and taste of cigarettes the very first time, and I can relax  perfectly fine with or without cigarettes. So many myths.

If there's anything anyone wants me to write about just comment, and I'll see what I can do

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  1. I agree that it isn't like breaking into fort knox to quit smoking. I started smoking at about 16, eventually working my way up to about a pack a day at 20. I realized it was just too expensive and I wasn't getting anything out of it so I quit cold turkey. I would be lying if I said I didn't relapse a few times, but its now been over a year since my last one. you have to have a reason to quit though. nice post