fredag 3. juni 2011

The Ruthless march of Progress

When I was a kid there were 151 Pokémon, and the only way to get all of them was if your friends all bought different Pokémon games and you all tediously swapped monsters with a cable from one gameboy to the other.
Then came the Gameboy Advance and I bought it with a friend of mine. We swapped it every two weeks and whoever was going on vacation would get it. We were very happy with that, and still played Pokémon even though it was getting old.
This is to me what black and white TV is to my grandparents.

When Pokémon gold and silver came out we didn't bother. We already had Red, and a friend had Yellow, so that was fine. Then when the Nintende DS, or whatever that first weird one was named, came out we didn't really speak any more, and I, at least, thought it would be ridiculous to buy a clunkier Gameboy with a smaller screen, so I stuck with the Advance.
That's about the point where I stopped upgrading unless I really wanted to.
Not upgrading saved my life more than once...

I still use my, has it really been so long, six year old iPod Nano, and I'm currently looking for a phone that resembles my old one. That old thing lasted at years and only broke because it can't really handle being used like you're supposed to for very long. I do not want a smart phone, I do not want anything with a touch screen. You know how the image on old TVs some times jumped around? That's how my old phone is now, and I actually preferred that to an iPhone knockoff,  and I would still use it if offered a real iPhone.
You know this keyboard is about the worst we could use, right?
Why on earth would anyone want a stupid touch keyboard with the dumbest layout in history instead of those incredibly handy little keys we used to have? Why in the holy name of gravity would I want to look at pictures and play games on my music player? Will future pants come with a milking bucket and a bookshelf?

We're being told these things are steps taken forwards, but when phones are designed for games, cameras, social networking and shiny, instead of reception and typing, what kind of progress is it really?
If you upgrade your phone you should get something that functions better as a phone, not something with 20gb instead of 12gb

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  1. i enjoyed it very much mmmm

  2. Great post, you should rant more often :P


  3. I thought I was alone with that opinion. What's wrong with actual buttons instead of touchscreens?

  4. Ahh it does make me sad that everyone just buys the latest thing without need

  5. Dude... good times... pokemon, I miss then :/