mandag 5. september 2011

Born to be a bum

Not a proper bum freezing outside with ancient jackets on. More like The Dude really.

Money makes the world go to shit, and if you don't want any part in it you can either work hard every single day of your life to stay clear of the systematized slavery, or you can resign as a human and quietly resent the machine you now oil with your blood sweat and tears.
If you fit in with the cogs you're a lucky creature, and that's awesome for you. If you don't fit in, but fit on top of the system then I guess that's awesome for you too isn't it?

What are you so happy about? Asshole

If you don't fit in with the system you so despise, but depend on it, then that fucking sucks. Have fun trying to find motivations when all you want is just one more day in your life when you're not fucking tired. Come join the last living souls with nowhere else to go, let's meet for some coffee. You're buying, I don't have any money. I'll get us some alcohol later.

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