torsdag 27. september 2012

The Man in the Mirror

Well there's three people in the mirror
and I'm wondering
which one of them I should choose.

I have never seen myself in the mirror. 
I often look at my reflection, and frankly I quite enjoy it, but it never seems completely honest.
I always seem to strike some pose, and far too often my motives seem to be shielding the reflection, or myself, from my true emotions. 

I even try, and fail, to catch myself by surprise some times. 
I might be innocently grooming, pondering, brushing my teeth, or just spacing out completely, before swiftly staring into my eyes like one does to entertain children who keeps sneaking peeks at you.
I then feel my face shifting, in the milliseconds where everything is still a blur, and see the focused stare of a stranger. 
I thought for a long time the problem might be that my mind was far too aware of my schemes to be caught by surprise, so of course there was only one reasonable option left.

I have to try with an altered mind.
I don't drink with the sole purpose of trying to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, but for the taste, or to have more fun in a social gathering.
I hardly ever drink for self discovery.
I do, however, go to the bathroom quite often, as beer is my poison of choice, and whenever I look up into the mirror I'm greeted by someone who seems as surprised as I am to find someone staring back.

I don't really know why it feels this way, or if anyone else feel the same way, but one thing is absolutely certain.

I will keep looking.

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