søndag 12. juni 2011

South Park: A tale of love gone cold

If you haven't seen the newest South Park episode, but plan on it, I would advice you not to continue further as I will discuss some of it in this post.

I remember saying, at the end of season 14, "South Park is dead, and I think that's probably a good thing". They lost their energy a long time ago (Matt and Trey are about 40 years old at the time), they changed to voices and animation to something prettier and friendlier, they started doing some of the biggest mistakes The Simpsons insist on doing time and time again, and the passion for the work is nowhere to be found.
Every script for The Simpsons seasons 19-22.

In the latest episode I thought they had found a new balance between developing the show and the characters further, and finding the way back to their roots, but then the ending came...
This is where the spoiling happens.
Stans parents brake up, they move, his friend don't like him any more because he grew up to be a cynical asshole and, I'm absolutely sure, future blogger, the plot they were developing seemed to simply be washed away as they had to make room for what they really wanted to say. "South Park is shit now".
"No time to write comedy, we'll just borrow a script from The Simpsons and make it gross"
This article seems to say there's one season left in the show after they take a break. It also says how they view South Park as a job they have to do and absolutely hate. Personally I hope they make a couple of more episodes to properly end everything properly like so few shows do.
Scrubs used to be great. One of the few non-cynical comedies I could enjoy. Then the quality started to dip a bit to a point where episodes melted together, but then the finally came, tied all the ends together, and I was happy. Not happy because I had one less show to watch, but because they managed to actually end the show instead of stopping mid episode with a hastily written "the end" sign like so many do.
I blame the beard.
That's also one reason why I really really love HBO series. They end properly.
South Park deserves a good death. Its life towards the end might have been painful and forced, but with the past in mind they should get an ending similar in quality to Six Feet Under.
This handsome man alone evoked so incredibly many emotions.
South park has successfully filled the roles as a pleaser, teaser, shocker, and show stopper for many years. For that they deserve a sending off we will never forget, and the post South Park void must remain untouched for years until we rediscover it one late night browsing actors on IMdb.com and read with gleeful nostalgia into the grey hours of the morning.

Relive the good times as we lay four boys and one fucked up town to rest.

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